Ferrari GTC4Lusso Rental

4 seats and 4 steering wheels inherited from FF. It is so powerful it could fly...

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari GTC4Lusso. This is the complex name of the latest Ferrari creature that is the new version of what we used to call Ferrari FF i.e. the first Supercar in Maranello with all-wheel drive (Ferrari Four, that is why FF) and four seats.

V12 engine with 690 horsepower and four seats, four steering wheel and developed all-wheel drive in order to make it even more efficient and more pleasant to drive. Furthermore, the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso has the great innovation of back steering wheels that Ferrari FF did not have. They are very useful in order to augment the car’s dexterity on the road and to make it more stable while changing the trajectory at high speed. This makes it possible for anybody, and not only professional drivers, to handle such a powerful engine under any condition including snowstorms ad heavy rain.

Measures do count (492 cm length, 198 cm width) but the 138 cm height, the long hood and the almost vertical back window make everything appear very slim. The car body sides have been changed a bit with brand new lines and smaller air vents. The bumpers have also changed a little.

On the front side the internal structures of the lights seems very remarkable while the twin back lights are both rounded. The wide 450 litres trunk remains untouched but it can be made even bigger by reclining the back seats, which is a very important feature for a sportive car that is meant to be used daily.

You can rent Ferrari GTC4Lusso in black with black interiors here on Up Cars!

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Technical details
Engine V12 (65°)
Swept volume cm3 6262
Fuel supply petrol
Max. engine power 507 kW – 690 CV
Max. torque 697 Nm
Drive four-wheel drive
Gear 7 + reverse
Maximum speed 335 km/h
Speeding up 0-100km/h 3,4 seconds
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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