Ferrari 488 Spider Rental

Ferrari 488 Spider: it looks charming when you look at it, it feels impressive when you drive it

Ferrari 488 Spider

100 horsepower and 40% torque more are just two of the many data that confirm how Ferrari 488 Spider has been improved in Maranello. Like the covered version (488GTB), this new aggressive vehicle has got a V8 engine with 669 horsepower. The very essence of this car, though, goes well beyond numbers: you have to enjoy its rumble as well as its acceleration in the bends in order to well appreciate the work that Ferrari technicians have done.

This new creature uses the latest dynamic electronic control system (SSC2, Second Generation Side Slip Control) which is a Ferrari patent that permits to adjust the action of the differential gear, to control traction and dampers so that Ferrari 488 Spider results even more powerful in the bends.

The key point is definitely the V8 engine with an almost flawless turbo-lag (the technicians said something about a 0,8 second reaction against the most common 2 seconds reaction of the most famous competitors). This is a true record for a supercharged engine.

In sportive drive, power and brake resistance (with carbon ceramic disks) are very much important as well as gear shift (here with 7 gears).

The roof has the same opening system of Ferrari 458 Spider but with some changes that allow it to open even while driving up to 45 km/h and it will take 14 seconds for the roof to hide under the roll-bar cover.

The hardest thing is not to push the gas pedal to the fullest…

… what are you waiting for? Through our rental service you can afford to drive a red or black (both with black interiors) Ferrari 488 Spider.

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Technical features
Engine V8 engine (90°)
Swept volume cm3 3902
Fuel supply petrol
Max. engine power 492 kW – 669 CV
Max. torque 760 Nm
Drive Rear drive
Gear 7-speed sequential transmission
Maximum speed 325 km/h
Speeding up 0-100km/h 3,0 seconds
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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