Novitec: now McLarens have their own tuning

30 Nov 2016

Novitec  is a German firm that tries to modify the most popular Supercars. You all have the right to be sceptical as tuning is not a concept suitable to these kind of cars. Those who want to modify their vehicles just want them to be more performing, beautiful and ostentatious but Supercars have already got all these features. Furthermore they are produced by the best teams ever. Then why would someone modify them?

According to Novitec we can have more! Their website offers prestigious models with precious modifications in order to offer people even a more exclusive driving experience. Style changes are usually very small and visually insignificant so that the essence and appearance of the car are exactly those created by its constructors. Yet the vehicle is somehow enriched by small but important details such as air intakes and wheel rims usually made with carbon fibre. The engines are usually empowered as well as the electronic parts.

The biggest news is that Novitec has lately introduced some specific McLaren kits in its offer even though the British brand had always been left out of this business before. The first modified models are going to be  570 GT540C and 570S. Some might think that these high quality artistry is in fact nothing but a sacrilege.

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