AUDI Q7 Rental


Audi Q7

An ambitious and athletic car, tall and slender but, above all, timeless. Audi Q7 has large and spacious interiors, which make the car comfortable and suitable even for long distances.
Innovative technologies and materials enhance innovation, dynamics and power, without forgetting the respect for the environment with an emission control system.

Silent and fluid, Audi Q7 is a super-technological car, stable and equipped with high security systems. Every detail is perfect. A luxurious and efficient SUV ready to take you anywhere. Simple to drive, elegant and easy to handle.

215 bhp of power and 3000 of swept volume make this car an authentic jewel with sports performance. You just have to try it.

You can rent the Audi Q7 from Up Cars in black and gray.

To have more information about rental modalities of the AUDI Q7 (black and grey) and for a personalized estimate please contact us at +39 0444 649475 or fill in our information request form.

Technical features
Engine V6 engine (90°)
Swept volume cm3 2967
Fuel supply Diesel fuel
Max. engine power 160 kW – 218 CV
Max. torque 500 Nm
Drive Permanent four-wheel drive
Gear Electronically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission
Maximum speed 216 km/h

Speeding up 0-100km/h

7,1 seconds
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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To have more information about prices, rental procedures or to ask for an estimate, call us at +39 0444 649475 or fill in our information request form.