Ferrari Portofino: elegance and power

08 Feb 2018

During the Company’s 70th Anniversary, Ferrari has announced the new GT at Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, the Ferrari Portofino is about to be on the road. The name comes from one of the brightest, most elegant and colorful place of Italy, Portofino. The company has decided to build a every-day car (2+2 seats), as well as Ferrari California Turbo, the previous model, but the design and the structure are completely different. The power output is 600 hp and the weight of the car has been considerably reduced. This kind of procedure is extremely difficult but it increases the performance and the efficiency of the car.

The new frame has been built using advanced technologies. The engine has always been one of the biggest challenges for Ferrari and it is a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8. Furthermore the sound has been improved and optimized. Aesthetically elegant and sophisticated, as well as all Ferraris, Portofino is the result of a lot of engineering choices to ensure a harmonious coexistence between high performance and a dynamic, fashionable and classy design.

Like California T has led to a remarkable increase in sales (up to 70%), Portofino wants to achieve the same goal and mantain the same standards. The new red-devil is a car to enjoy time with family and friends: it is more accesible because it is easier to drive so it can suit everyone’s needs. Two back seats, a medium-sized baggage, acceleration up to 200 km/h in 10.8 seconds and the ability to transform itself from a saloon car to a coupe in just 14 seconds are the key-features to make Ferrari Portofino a precious and powerful jewel, ready to be used in any occasion. Small romantic getaways, a friend’s night out or, why not, a vacation in exclusive locations are the perfect occasions to ride this car!

However, we have to wait a little bit more to drive this perfect luxury car on the road.

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