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Ferrari returns to surprise with the new 812 Superfast, the most powerful Ferrari in history, with extreme performances. The new 800 hp is powered by a 12 V engine , heir to the F12 berlinetta, it has debuted at Geneva Motor Show, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari car company.

The Ferrari 812 is by far the most prestigious Ferrari road ever, intended for who wants a sports car without renouncing the comfort of an extremely pleasant guide, able to offer unique emotions.

The silhouette is redefined with captivating shapes and proportions: the design of the side panel that optically shortens the back and the design of the full led and air intake sitting into the bonnet. All of these innovative details give it a very impressive attitude and honor the powerful V12, the heart of this jewel made in Italy.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast will leave you breathless. Rent this Ferrari now!

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Technical features
Engine V12 (65°)
Swept volume cm3 6496
Fuel supply Petrol
Max. engine power 588kW – 800 CV
Max. torque 718 Nm
Drive Rear
Gear 7-speed sequential semi-automatic transmission
Maximum speed 340 km/h

Speeding up 0-100km/h

2,9 seconds
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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