Porsche Cayenne S Rent

Sportively perfect

Porsche Cayenne S

«S» stays for sport in the mere sense of the word. No compromises; only explicit sport everywhere. Porsche Cayenne S power is already visible from the very design: the front and the back are balanced and perfect. The bonnet, the front mudguards, the lights and the air intakes give the vehicle a powerful image and the charm of a muscular athlete.

Dynamism, 5 doors, versatility and comfort, this is the track Cayenne is driving on with a sharpened design, intelligent assistance devices, efficient propellers and high power. The sharp lines of the design make immediately clear that it is undoubtedly a sportive car. The sportive proportions of the sides stress the whole dynamism of the vehicle well combined with its performances.

Cayenne S is the first clear praise to the «S». Everything here is about balance including the light structure of the V6 engine, the thermic system and the “sailing/coasting” function.

Each detail highlights what we care about the most: the sport-like attitude that only Porsche does possess. It is the Porsche DNA and the result is something unmistakable. Cayenne S is the symbol of enthusiasm. Everything is, actually, in that moment when turn the key and start the engine and feel overwhelmed by the many powerful sensation you get.

Porsche Cayenne S is enthusiastic by nature and you can rent it here on Up Cars in black with red interiors.

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Technical details
Engine V4 engine
Swept volume cm3 3604
Fuel supply petrol
Max. engine power 309 kW – 420 CV
Max. torque 550 Nm
Drive Permanent Four-wheel drive
Gear Automatic transmission 8-speed
Maximum speed 259 km/h

Speeding up 0-100km/h

5,5 sec
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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