Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Rent


Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

The new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder will be available for rent starting from May 2016.

This was the moment when I decided to create the perfect car
(Ferruccio Lamborghini)

The new Huracan Spyder represents one of the highest levels of the taste of Italian hand craft. Beauty, aerodynamics, quality and power are features that will allow you to have an intense driving experience.

It is the new element within Up Cars 2016, a new concept of spyder combined with sharp features of a coupé, which makes it ideal to drive this new model for strong tempered people with no fear to appear and shine.

Technology opens up towards emotion through limitless performances and absolute control. The real challenge was cutting of the hood but without compromising the strength and aerodynamics of the structure.

The ultra light and versatile hood opens up in 18 seconds and was projected to cut the air and blend together with the sky.

This model is available for rent in blue chapeaux colour with black and light blue inside.

To have more information about rental modalities of the Lamborghini Huracàn Spyder and for a personalized estimate please contact us at +39 0444 649475 or fill in our information request form.

Technical features
Engine V10 90° IDS, 40 valvole
Swept volume cm3 5204
Fuel supply petrol
Max. engine power 449 kW – 610 CV
Max. torque 560 Nm
Drive four-wheel drive 
Gear 7-speed sequential semi-automatic transmission
Maximum speed 324 km/h

Speeding up 0-100km/h

3,4 sec
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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To have more information about prices, rental procedures or to ask for an estimate, call us at +39 0444 649475 or fill in our information request form.