Bentley Continental GTC Rental


Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC is a grand tourer cabriolet made by the prestigious English house. Luxury and impressive (4.8 meters long) Bentley Continental is ready to conquer the streets. The guide is simple and precise, thanks to Volkswagen technology.

Tradition and modernity come together in a unique and classy design. Comfort, stability, charm and refinement are the key words of this car as well as all the cars made by Bentley. The interiors are covered with high quality materials and the seats look like a real living room. Speed, power and charm.

Come and try Bentley Continental GTC, available with two engines.

To have more information about rental modalities of the Bentley Continental GTC (Grey V8, White V12) and for a personalized estimate please contact us at +39 0444 649475 or fill in our information request form.

Technical features
Engine V8 (15°) / W12 engine (72°)
Swept volume cm3 3993 / 5998
Fuel supply Petrol
Max. engine power 389 kW – 529 CV / 434 kW – 590 CV
Max. torque 680 Nm / 720 Nm
Drive Permanent four-wheel drive
Gear Electronically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission
Maximum speed 308 km/h / 315 km/h

Speeding up 0-100km/h

4,7 seconds
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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To have more information about prices, rental procedures or to ask for an estimate, call us at +39 0444 649475 or fill in our information request form.