Audi R8 Coupè 5.2 Plus Rental


Audi R8 Coupè 5.2 Plus

Audi R8 is a super sports car able to conquer everyone. Strong, powerful and aggressive was born to give the best of itself on the track. But the attractive design and the technological interiors make it a car perfect to drive even in your daily life.

The carbon fiber and the aluminum structure determine its lightness and emphasize its athletic appearance; the super luxurious leather interiors and the attention to every detail make this car even more desirable. The driver, as soon as he sits behind the wheel of this jewel, has the feeling of having everything under control: all the controls are located near the hands to have a perfect mastery of the car.

A power of 600 bhp leads from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and allows a top speed of 330 km/h. The central position of the engine and the four-wheel drive give the car stability and balance but, above all, the feeling of an immense force.

Gritty, beautiful and accurate, the Audi R8 will not disappoint the expectations of those who want the maximum.

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Technical features
Engine V10 engine (90°)
Swept volume cm3 5204
Fuel supply petrol
Max. engine power 449kW – 610 CV
Max. torque 560 Nm
Drive Permanent four-wheel drive
Gear 7-speed sequential manual transmission
Maximum speed 330 km/h

Speeding up 0-100km/h

3,2 seconds
Type-approval of anti-pollution devices Euro6
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