St. Moritz: Swiss winter pearl

15 Jan 2018

Located in Val Engadina, in the Canton of Grisons (just beyond the Italian border), St. Moritz is a popular destination where style, class and elegance give life to a trendy city, perfect for everyone’s needs, both in winter and in summer. Sunlit for most of the year, St. Moritz owes its popularity especially to the hot springs that attract millions of tourists each year. The facilities are modern and perfect to accommodate those who wish to relax in the silence. The lake and the majestic snow-capped peaks on the horizon create a magical and timeless place.

Not only that: this Alpine location has hosted two editions of the Winter Olympic Games, in 1928 and 1948, and several ski and bob championships. This has helped, for sure, to assert the importance of St. Moritz as a high-level winter destination, with ski facilities and, generally, facilities suitable for all winter sports. Almost 350 kilometers of slopes offer ski and snowboard enthusiasts enchanted tracks to have fun and to admire the beauty of this paradise, both day and night. Thanks to the great position, the region welcomes snow throughout the season. The warm sun is a perfect ingredient to have fun on the slopes, enjoying the rich gastronomy of the place, or the luxurious streets of the city.

For those who prefer, in fact, a gentle walk rather than steep alpine descents, St. Moritz is a glamorous town, where high class shops lies on the streets of the centre, particularly in Via Serlas. Even food lovers will be satisfied: there are several shops where Swiss specialties are served. Cured meat, chocolate and the famous engadinese walnut cake will tempt even the most demanding palates.

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