Porsche Festival 2016

15 Sep 2016

During the first weekend of October, Porsche overwhelms everyone in Italy with a unique event: Porsche Festival 2016. The only reason it cannot be defined as a classical event, is just because this is only its second edition. In 2015 it was able to gather in Monza 400 different vehicles. This year it is held on the racetrack in Misano Adriatico.

The beating heart of this event is definitely represented by the many fans and followers the German manufacturer has inspired in Italy. The official excuse for the event is the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, but it actually makes sense only thanks to the participants and their cars. The program gives a lot of room to any vehicles: GTs,  sportive models and  vintage cars  are first parading separately and then are joined together for the final Gran Parata (it. grand parade).

The aim of Porsche Festival 2016 is well beyond having each car owner to feel a celebrity for a few minutes. Its aim is having each car owner to feel part of a story that is worth telling. That is why they offer Driving Experiences, that can be accessed also by teenagers (always with professional instructors, of course). There is also going to be a charity auction for the victims of the earthquake which has destroyed central Italy last August. Among the many objects to be won there is a very special Porsche 911 restyled by an Italian artist team.

Good shot, Porsche!

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