Porches for rent in Cannes

05 Apr 2016

What makes Cannes famous all over the world is the popular Film festival, an artistic event wherein the most known international celebrities take part. The city is, of course, much more than that: it is a lovely seaside resort on the French Riviera and it offers dozens of beauties to be discovered and they are all within a Porsche‘s reach.

The famous Croisette promenade, the city’s neighbourhood by the seaside, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The famous Lerins Abbey on the Saint-Honorat island is the historical cradle of the city even though it is well far from its current centre. As a matter of fact in the middle ages, life in Cannes was all centred in the abbey since it was literally controlling the city politics and lifestyle. Nowadays this beautiful monastery is still housing a religious community but tourists are anyway allowed to visit a large part of its structure.

If it is not enough, you might want to know that every year the city hosts the famous international creativity festival called Cannes Lions which is held in June and meant for marketing, design and advertising experts.

Besides all this, it is obvious that one of the most electrifying moments to visit Cannes is in May when the city is filled with actors, directors, writers and critics. A trip in this special period needs to be fairly enjoyed with a car capable of embodying the style and the inspiration of such an exclusive, artistic and innovative event.

The choice of a car is completely up to you and your persona taste, but we strongly recommend a Porsche for its harmonious and classy lines will cross the French Riviera as if they truly belonged there. If you want to turn this fantasy into reality, all it takes is a look at our catalogue and a click. You chose the car and we will bring it to you whenever and wherever you want.

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