Mercedes for rent in Padua

26 Apr 2016

The city named after the Po river is one of the most ancient ones in Italy since it is more than three thousand years old. Padua is also the most populated place in Veneto also thanks to its famous university which hosts thousands of students from all over the world. Padua keeps artistic treasures of unspeakable value that make it the perfect place to visit if you want to know everything about the roots of the Renaissance. As a consequence, the city has developed a sophisticated and modern economical net strictly linked to b2b services and becoming, thus, a crucial mile stone for many fields and sectors as well as hosting a vivid night life.

Around the coffee tables in the city centre many different faces with many different histories are gathered. You will find the student who is efficiently reading his notes while drinking his third coffee and another student who is celebrating a successfully passed exam having a drink with his friends. It is likely that they will be sitting right next to a businessman wearing a suit who is quickly having a snack and next to him you will see a retired old man who is smiling at the kids celebrating a degree altogether. Padua is first of all a beautiful city and the details of this beauty are usually tangled to each other in the crowded and narrow roads of the city centre.

Just because it is possible to find anything and meet anyone, Padua makes you inevitably wander who or what you are staring at: look and aesthetics do count! If you are seeking for a stunning and professional look, a Mercedes is definitely what you need.

Our catalogue includes the most exclusive models of the German manufacturer which are offered through many different holiday formulas in order to satisfy any demand. Contact us now and you will not regret it!

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