From Aeneas’ myth to Ferrari’s

11 Oct 2016

The Ferrari Club Passione Rossa (en. Ferrari’s read passion club) is the biggest and most important club among those Italians who possess a Ferrari. Settled in Rome, this club has brought a lot of visibility to the firm over the years promoting its image in every single event.

The Gruppo Storico Lavinium (en. Lavinium historical group) is an organization that takes care of recalling the glorious days of Rome foundation with extreme accuracy and it takes part into the historical Christmas manifestation along with many other events.

The third meeting of the Ferrari Club Passione Rossa was a strong linkage between these two clubs and it was held in Pomezia at the Simon Hotel. The Lavinium group was asked to turn a dinner into a great trip to the past of the Lazio region, adding games, quotes and stories to the meeting. The event was a complete success and the Lavinium group members have gained the privilege of getting on the prestigious Ferrari vehicles! It would be very interesting to see the pictures of that.

The Club has named this event “From Aeneas’ myth to Ferrari’s” in order to stress a continuity that is not true for the history but very accurate for the symbols these two myths represent. Ferrari might want to be seen as nowadays’ hero: beautiful, classy and strong as epic texts require their heroes to be.

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