Forged Composite: this is what the new Lamborghini is made of

16 Sep 2016

It is well known that Supercars have the most modern and innovative technologies at their service but it is also true that, sometimes, these technologies become a treasure themselves for their labels and design.

This is the case of Forged Composite, a productive process that contributes to create car bodies as well as Lamborghini’s interiors and that has been embodied in the car manufacturer as their own technology. This innovation has been the product of over thirty years of research and development about carbon fibre. In order to reach this goal the partnership with the Japanese group Mitsubishi Rayon was essential even though the final product is labelled Lamborghini.

The process consists of compacting minuscule carbon fibres to make bigger objects and devices to be used inside the cabin, in the interiors and the car body as well. Having a lighter vehicle but without affecting its solidity is the principal aim of Forged Composite, even though carbon fibre has however produced a wide appreciation among customers also aesthetically speaking.

Forged Composite technology was brought out at this year’s JEC in Paris, an event that unites all the first users and creators of composite materials and their development. Forged Composite has won a prize within the category of innovations proving, thus, that Lamborghini can be the best in every field.

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