Alfa Romeo 4C Cabrio Rent


Alfa Romeo 4C Cabrio Rental

Alfa Romeo created a unique and special car, able to excite and amaze the one who will get behind the wheel of a 4C Cabrio. The technology is high: the car is reactive and powerful, thanks to the new TCT dry dual clutch transmission with Launch control. Alfa Romeo has built a powerful sports car capable of achieving the performance of a supercar.

The materials used derive from the maximum of automotive engineering and give the car lightness and dynamism: 940 kg of efficiency and performance. Even the outdoor driving experience is unique and the design enhances the feeling of freedom. The whole car, if analyzed in detail, has sports elements: the interior, the rims, the steering wheel and the pedals.

Discover this exclusive and authentic car, which combines the most refined and advanced technologies with the typical Alfa Romeo style.

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Technical features
Engine Inline-four engine
Swept volume cm3 1742
Fuel supply Petrol (supercharged)
Max. engine power 177 kW – 240 CV
Max. torque 350 Nm
Drive Rear
Gear Sequential and electronically controlled automatic transmission with 6 gears
Maximum speed 257 km/h

Speeding up 0-100km/h

4,5 seconds
Speeding up 0-100km/h Euro6
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